Registered Apprenticeship Program

The RAP Program is offered in accordance with Alberta Education programming. It is offered at each of our school, which provide students with first-period technical training in various trades, including Carpentry, Welding, Automotive, Culinary Arts, and Cosmetology.

This program allows high school students to: 

  • Earn up to a maximum of 40 credits towards your Alberta High School Diploma or Certificate of Achievement (for every 125 hours of apprenticeship, students receive five high school credits)
  • Work as an apprentice, building hours towards a Journeyman's Certificate, up to a maximum of 1000 hours 
  • Divide your time between an approved work site and your high school - giving you the benefit of a high school experience while gaining employable skills applicable to any career
  • Gain first-hand experience and understanding of your chosen trade, while getting paid

For more information, contact Student Services at our school. Call: 780-532-7721 or click the button below.

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