Second Languages

**At the 10, 20 and 30 levels, students will have the opportunity to complete the DELF A1 and A2 level exam. This European based French proficiency test will evaluate the student's oral and written comprehension and production. Upon successful completion of the exam, students will receive an official certificate from France that is a great addition to their resume.

French 10 9Y (5 credits)

Prerequisite: French 9 9Y

At the high school level, students enrolled in the French as a second language program will begin to learn new language concepts such as past tenses and simple future tenses as well as new theme-specific vocabulary to enrich the quality of their oral and written communication.


French 20 9Y (5 credits)

Prerequisite: French 10 9Y

This course aims to further develop the student's language acquisition through authentic and engaging learning activities. Students will add more sophisticated vocabulary to their repertoire as well as new verb tenses.


French 30 9Y (5 credits)

Prerequisite: French 20 9Y

Students will be introduced to new grammatical concepts that will help prepare them for university level French courses. Students will also find themselves participating in more group-based learning activities that will help improve and fine tune their oral communication.

They will also have the opportunity to work with grade 2 immersion students at the end of the term.



French 10 3Y (5 credits)

Prerequisite: NONE

You haven't studied French before? Don't fret! As long as you have the passion and willingness to learn, this class is for you. Through fun and creative activities, we will introduce you to basic grammar concepts and provide you with the tools to communicate in French at a beginner level.


French 20 3Y (5 credits)

Prerequisite: French 10 3Y

In this course we will continue to explore the French language, learn new vocabulary and verb tenses to vary the ways they express themselves. In basic situations, will find themselves more comfortable communicating in French.


French 30 3Y (5 credits)

Prerequisite: French 20 3Y

Students will be introduced to new and exciting grammar concepts that will help to enrich the quality of their oral and written communication. At the end of the semester, students will have the opportunity to work with younger French language learners and have them participate in activities they create themselves.


Spanish 10-3Y

Prerequisite: None

This introductory course aims to provide the basics of the language through the teaching of vocabulary and basic grammatical structures. Students will be introduced to everyday Spanish with relatively simple expressions and oral exercises as well as short presentations regarding culture and civilization.


Spanish 20—3Y

Prerequisite: Spanish 10 3Y

This course is designed to provide students coming from Spanish 10 or with a strong Spanish background with the opportunity to continue and improve oral proficiency and writing skills. Emphasis is placed on areas, which cause difficulties for Anglophone students, as well as an appreciation of Spanish culture worldwide. This course is also intended to help students who are already proficient in oral Spanish to improve their basic writing skills, especially for native or semi-native speakers with no formal instruction in Spanish grammar.


Spanish 30-3Y

Prerequisite: Spanish 20 3Y

This course is intended as a continuation of Spanish 20. This course is designed to increase and consolidate vocabulary, oral proficiency and to develop skills for writing in Spanish. Aspects of Spanish and Latin American culture and civilization will be examined.