Physical Activity & Wellness Courses

The Physical Education program aims to enable individuals to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to lead an active, healthy lifestyle. The program emphasizes active living, with a focus on physical activity that is valued and integrated into daily life. All Physical Education courses are participation-based and, therefore, require daily effort and proper activewear and indoor shoes in order to be successful.

Students who wish to take Phys Ed 10T (3 credit) must register in CALM 20/Phys Ed 10 (3 credit)

Students who wish to take Phys Ed 10 (5 credit) must register in CALM 20/Fitness 10


Course Descriptions:

Phys Ed 10 (5 credits)

Designed for students who really enjoy being active and participating in sport at a higher level of intensity. Greater emphasis will be placed on skill and skill development in this course.


Phys Ed 10T (3 credits)

Designed for those students who want to meet the minimum requirements to graduate (3 credits of PE).

There may be more emphasis on activities promoting an active lifestyle and less on competitive sports.

Note: There may be an opportunity (dependent on interest and scheduling) to have all boys or girls classes. Please indicate on your registration form if you would prefer such a class.


Phys Ed 20 and Phys Ed 30 (5 credits)

Available to students who want to continue their learning and were successful in PE10. Students will be given input in selecting course activities which may include field trips into the community.

Course Fee: $40.00